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Interview with “S-Ka-Paid” from Peterborough, Ontario

“If you are from the Peterborough, Ontario area, a fan of underground hiphop, and you haven’t heard about S-Ka-Paid …. well you’re missing out on listening to one of the most talented artists in the game.”



S-Ka-Paid has shown, time and time again, that he is one artist that offers the underground hiphop and rap scene more than they would expect from a local artist in their community.

So take a moment of your day and read on as we get to know the artist “S-Ka-Paid”.

S-Ka-Paid was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1987 but lives in Peterborough, Ontario and represents it and the 705 area to the fullest. Music has allowed him to express his feelings and fit in with crowds, which growing up he didn’t have the opportunity to be part of due to poverty. The first time S-Ka-Paid spit a rap it opened many peoples eyes and changed the way they looked at him. Since then his hunger for success continues to grow.

At this time S-Ka-Paid has over 200 recorded songs and 13 Albums online, along with many music videos which he produced himself.

S-Ka-Paid was influenced by early music albums from Wu-Tang and Jedi Mind Tricks. Listening to those artists allowed him to zone in on the skill to write and create lyrics. Today he is not listening to Mainstream music because he doesn’t feel the music that they have been releasing, so he sticks to listening to underground music. “Mainstream music has been ‘dumbed down’ just to please the crowds” says S-Ka-Paid, “a lot of these swag and commercial artists have very little talent, and the image they have is more for record sales and not the actual music”

There is one artist that S-Ka-Paid does listen to, that he would love to have on a track with him, and that artist is ‘Rich Homie Quan’.

Growing up and having his share of bad relationships has made him look at music as his wife. The music he creates is as much for his fans as it is for his children. His music will allow them to have something to look back at later in life to see the accomplishments that their father had, and to leave them with memories of him.

S-Ka-Paid has taken his music, and love for the underground scene, and he has created his own business offering his abilities to others. He sells beats that he has created, he designs clothing and cd covers, and he will mix and master artists tracks to clean up their sound, and that is just a few of the things he does.

Now to the big question: What does the future hold for S-Ka-Paid and what do the fans have to look forward to?

Currently S-Ka-Paid is working on 2 mixtapes and an album. The Mixtapes are titled “Her” and “Delivery Man” and one is for the ladies while the other is for his hiphop fans. His upcoming album is titled “Speechless” and it is set to be released around Halloween this year.

He plans to take his crew to the top. S-Ka-Paid currently runs an underground independent record label called “BAM RECORDS” and he plans to take them as high as they can go. “It’s not about the money to me, its about respect for my craft and I don’t plan to stop until I’m noted as a ‘Musical Genius’ in this game” says S-Ka-Paid.


When asked what pointers he would give to artists who are just getting into the game S-Ka-Paid said, “Practice makes perfect, no one starts good, build yourself and your music resume. Work on it everyday and it will all add up”


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